Trip to LA


Matts sister and her husband were in town a few weeks ago for a wedding. We were so lucky to have them stay with us.  Westin and Parker instantly fell in love with Ben and never left him alone. 

We took Saturday to enjoy LA. Its only a 45 minute drive but something we rarely do. I love the fabric district up there. Something about all that fabric makes me happy and want to buy all of it. This time I came home with a lot of chiffon, maybe this time I’ll even cut into it. (Its scary cutting into pretty stuff) I’m pretty sure Camille only got knit to make some summer skirts. 

Westin has this new thing where he always wears his gloves. Always. 
LA-1 LA-2 LA-3 LA-4 LA-5After downtown LA, we went to a favorite pizza place Masas for their deep dish. Delicious. After lunch we headed to Griffith observatory where Parker fell asleep driving to. He and I stayed in the car while everyone else hiked up to look at the amazing views.

From there we drove to and around Beverly Hills, picked up some french treats and played in a very fancy fountain.LA-6 LA-7 LA-8Dinner was at a Korean restaurant (Korean I think?) Where Parker ate Seaweed by the handfuls and Westin got taco kit from Chipotle next door. You can’t do downtown with out stopping at Diddy Reise, thank goodness they have shaved ice so Westin can be happy too.
LA-9 LA-10 LA-11

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Parker is 2

I had already done another post for today but then I realized it probably wouldn’t be right if I didn’t make a birthday post for him. 

He is our happy, cuddly, adventurous, eats anything, tiny, blanket loving boy. He really does love to eat and will usually eat anything. He obviously has the best hair which is why I’m having such a hard time coming to terms with the fact that we need to cut it. He is missing a tooth on the bottom, see how he only has 3 teeth right there in the middle? Crazy huh? He loves his Dad but loves his brother a whole lot more. He also loves me and is constantly coming to me trying to tell me what he saw or did. He wrestles, he skateboards and he scooters. I can’t believe he is turning 2, he is still my baby. Live would maybe be easier without him since he is so wild but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetPhone Pictures March 2014_1266 Phone Pictures March 2014_1355

IMG_1062 IMG_1307 IMG_1410 Parker Phone Pictures March 2014_1414

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Garden – Part 1

About a month ago we were told about a garden plot in Huntington Beach. Somewhere you could rent a space and grow whatever you could/want. We jumped on it. We have been talking about trying out a garden for a while. 

We started with an empty area and had to add a fence to keep out little critters. Which I’m still worried they are going to get in somehow. Then we used the rototiller to clean up the area. Once that was done we were thinking about the layout of how we wanted and what we wanted to garden. We had heard about square foot gardening in the past so we looked into it. It just made sense. Maybe its because I’m in a constant state of space saving but the layout and simplicity of it just worked for us. 

So far, every time we have gone we have forgotten to bring something or we need a tool we didn’t realize. That has been totally frustrating but the boys loves it and can roam free and help. They usually help for a few minutes then get distracted digging or throwing rocks. 

garden-2 garden-3garden-4garden-1garden-5

We want to try planting anything we will eat, just to try it. I think as we get more experienced we will maybe focus on the foods we know work. Until then, its trial and error and enjoying the time we spend with our family.

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Westin pretty much has free pick on what he wears everyday. I usually put my foot down on some activities but for the most part its his choice. Pick your battles right? Usually he wants to wear his stretchy pants and shirts, which are athletic pants and shirts. Not what I would do but I know he wants to be comfy. Well this particular day he wanted to wear layers. It turned out awesome.Untitled-1Lately Westin has been very into costumes, he and his buddy have been getting in these silly outfits and doing some yard work or working with their tools. You can’t help but to laugh. They take their “jobs” very seriously.


Here he is helping his friend put on an Iron-Man costume, she normally is in a princess dress but she put this suit on for about 20 seconds. I loved how Westin jumped right up to help her with the back.


Westin also got these rollerblades at a thrift store a while back. For whatever reason he got really into them for the weekend my parents were in town and he got to be pretty decent on them. He had to put his whole get-up on, which took about 5 minutes each time but he loved it and was very determined to get it right. 



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San Diego

We took a weekend trip to see our friends in San Diego. Take me back. We had such a blast and reminded us how much we miss our friends. 

First things first, Phil’s BBQ then off to their house for dessert and bed. In the morning Char and I ran up to the top of Mt Soledad Cross which gave us this awesome 360 view of San Diego. I was mad at Char all the way up but once I got to the top I was so glad we did it. The view was amazing and it really is something to be able to accomplish something that is hard.

san diego-1-3


We got home, had yummy omelets, walked to the beach to see the guys surfing

san diego-1-2san diego-2san diego-2-2 san diego-1 san diego-3-2

Picture over load? Yeah, sorry about that.

The zoo was next on the agenda, the 2nd main reason we headed down to San Diego. 

san diego-11 san diego-10 san diego-9 san diego-8 san diego-7 san diego-6 san diego-5 san diego-5-2 san diego-4

I’m not such a huge fan of the zoo. I love to go with my boys and see them get excited. Parker calls every animal a dog. I just find it boring. Maybe its because every time we go the animals are napping. I walked by one girl that asked her dad why we also saw the animals back side. I couldn’t have agreed more. Its always fun to walk around and chat with our friends though. 

Both of my boys were obsessed with Baby Hatch. Especially Parker, he was always trying to give the baby something and always “helping” out with him. 

The weekend ended up with a quiet drive home to my parents at our house. Our getaway was perfect.

Jean Vest

A while ago I saw a random person on facebook in a jean vest. I fell in love and was in search of one for myself. The only one I found was at H&M and it was $25 I think. I felt funny spending that much on something thats so trendy and I figured I could make one myself. So I did. I went to Goodwill, found a jean jacket (my goodwill had a bunch to choose from) paid $10, brought it home and cut the sleeves off.  All I did was jut as close to the hem on the shoulders as I could. I think it would be cute too if I make the edges fray just a bit. I like how it turned out and it was very easy to do, but I still feel like the person on instagram wore it better. I think I might try to make mine a tad smaller. What do you think?

valentine craft-6 valentine craft-7 valentine craft-8 valentine craft-9

t-shirt – Nordstroms Rack // vest – Goodwill(gap) // skirt – H&M

Easy Valentines

valentine craft-6I found this valentine idea on pinterest 2 nights ago. I loved how cute yet simple it was. I never even dreamed of how perfect it would be for little hands.

It took no time at all, we literally started it and sent it off on the same day in the mail. (Be surprised when you open your letter Grandmas!)

Here is how we did it.

Rip some colorful cardstock into small pieces. I started doing it and when Westin saw what I was doing he joined in. I was so happy with how perfect it was for him to do.

valentine craft-2

Next, write your note and a big heart onto your paper. I covered half of the heart with glue let him put his pieces of paper on it and then we did the same for the second half.

valentine craft-1

Sign your name on the back, since its so cute to see your huge letters and talk about how good you are getting at writing your name.

valentine craft-3

Ta-Da! Admire your work.

valentine craft-4valentine craft-6Stuff it in your envelope and hand deliver or mail it off!

Seriously easy and I’m not sure what I did before pinterest to get me some of these ideas!

P.S. I made Westin some Valentines to take to his class. I thought they were pretty funny and totally him.


Wrong Shoes

Yesterday Westin had no school. I actually have no idea why but most of the schools around here were off. We enjoyed a free kids show at the mall with some of our friends. So I get the boys ready slowly, taking time to enjoy the morning.  We load up in the car and head up to the show. I get out of the car, I get Parker out and Westin follows behind. We start walking, I look down and I see them. My husbands SLIPPERS! I couldn’t believe it. I was hoping that I happened to have another pair of shoes in the car but there was nothing. I might as well have been blinking neon shoes, but at least they were comfortable. I guess this is the life of a mom, who knows where my head was today.

outfit-1 outfit-2 outfit-3 outfit-4 outfit-5 outfit-6

pants – gap // sweater – marshalls // t-shirt – nordstroms rack // sandals – target

Valentines Outfit

Remember how one of my goals this year is to sew more? Well its the middle of February and I have finally done it. I made myself a Valentines skirt. It is perfect. I love it. The best part? Its comfy and stretchy. Plus super easy to make. I promise. It only looks tricky because of the fabric.


valentineoutfit-1valentineoutfit-3 valentineoutfit-5 valentineoutfit-6 valentineoutfit-7 valentineoutfit-8

Do you guys have any valentines plans? We don’t usually do much, hopefully Matt will bring me home some flowers!

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White Bean Chili

In my house we eat a lot of black beans. A lot. Matt and I like other beans its our buddy Westin who struggles with other ones. I’ve been making this white bean chili for a while but he just recently started trying it. I’ve talked him into trying new things by telling him thats how he gets strong. (He is really into working out and muscles these days) Anyway, every time I make it somehow Westin says the prayer, he will ask Heavenly Father to “bless the yucky dinner”. I’m not even kidding. He is so ridiculous, how does he even come up with this stuff?


This chili is delicious easy to make and perfect for a chilly day. I got the basics of the recipe from Our Best Bites Love everything I try from there is awesome.

White Bean Chili

  • 2 cans or 1 box of chicken broth
  • 2 cans white beans
  • 1 can chicken or 2 chicken breasts*
  • 1 can green chilis
  • 1/2 t cumin
  • 1/2 t oregano
  • 1/2 t kosher salt
  • pepper to taste
  • cilantro (optional)
  • sour cream (optional)
  • cheese (optional)
  • chips (optional)

Put everything in a crockpot cook on low for 6 hours or high for 4 hours. I told you it was easy. Add the optional items at the end.

*If you are using chicken breast, cut them into chunks and cook them until no pink is visible. Add the cooked breast to the crock pot with the rest of the ingredients.

My favorite way to eat it is with cheese, a tiny bit of sour cream and chips. Westin eats it with very little of the juice and chips. Last night he ate 2 big bowls of it.

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