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Westin had his long awaited birthday party this past week. He couldn’t wait to be four like the rest of his friends and open all of his presents. We celebrated at home with Vegan donuts for breakfast from our favorite little shop by our house, and balloons all over the floor with a birthday sign. Then we headed to the park for a sports themed birthday party with all of his friends. We had what we would call a “Westin Friendly” party or an allergy free party. I made everything myself to ensure that Westin could eat it.


The menu included, cake, cupcakes, Rice Krispie Treats, popcorn, watermelon, and pretzels. We played a relay game with a basketball and a soccer ball, had cake, opened presents and then the kids enjoyed their goodie bags.


The party itself was very low key. We had it at the park so the kids could be as crazy as they wanted. I put black lines under all the kids eyes so they would look like baseball players, or football players. I think kids jump at any chance to play a little dress-up, even if its as small as putting a line on their face. We played one game where they would shoot a basketball until they made it in the hoop then run through hula-hoops and kick a soccer ball in a goal. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves and the mellow birthday boy even participated. He’s the kid who usually sits on the sidelines and enjoys watching all the other kids play.


After the game they played for a while then Westin begged to have cake and open presents.

We made the cake using my cupcake recipe and adding marshmallow fondant. My neighbor is awesome at making and decorating cakes, we called her a few times to come over and help us, probably more then she would have liked. Marshmallow fondant is very easy to make. I do wish we had added more powdered sugar to it to thicken it up a bit It was pretty stretchy for us, which made applying it to the cake hard.

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I added Vanilla Frosting to the cupcakes, and my favorite part, put Twizzlers on top to look like a baseball. The rest of the snacks were inspired by Westins favorites but I thought it worked for a party at the park and the sports theme.


The popcorn is from Costco, now I know I have a recipe for the most delicious popcorn on here already but this stuff is yummy, inexpensive and perfect for a large group and a party. Hello easy prep work, open bag and pour it in a bowl! Same goes for the pretzels. The watermelon isn’t quite as easy, but it sure is nice to have and yummy too! Plus Westin could eat his weight in watermelon. Now the Rice Krispy Balls were the perfect touch! I plan on doing a dairy free recipe in the near future so keep yours eyes out for that.


The party favors were also easy to put together, some bags from the Dollar Store with bouncy balls, these awesome suckers I found at the Dollar Spot at Target (Could they be any more perfect) and a Gatorade.

Throwing an allergy friendly birthday party doesn’t have to be hard. Find the few snacks your child can eat, make them or buy them and go from there. When Westin had his first party I really stressed that no one would like the cake I made or the food wouldn’t be good, this time around I focused on Westin and what he would enjoy and everything worked perfectly. No one even complained about any thing except for maybe all the food being gone because it was so yummy!


Happy Birthday big guy! We love you, and can’t believe you are 4!

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3 thoughts on “Allergy Free Birthday Party

  1. Cute! I love it! So sad that we couldn’t be there:( It’s so funny to me that he likes to sit on the sidelines, when he is the best kid I know at sports! Haha we love you Westin:) Happy bday buddy!

  2. I love this. I think those of us who don’t have to manage allergies like these think that your options are super limited, but this looks just like any other birthday party! And the treats look fantastic. Thank you for posting!

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